We work to explain the law, including grey areas, to our clients.

Our philosophy is to work with you in identifying the solutions to tax issues stemming from your business objectives. Tax laws continue to grow in complexity as the government tries to restrict taxpayers’ ability to legally reduce their taxes payable. In many circumstances, even with, or sometimes because of that complexity, there is legitimate doubt as to what a “right answer” is.

We work to explain the law, including grey areas, to our clients. We then provide them with our expertise to creatively plan and structure their business and personal transactions in a way that matches their priorities. We define success as having ensured that we have exhausted all available avenues to minimize your overall tax burden while and providing you with straight forward, clear advice and timely quality service tailored to your specific needs.

We work to help our clients match their right to pay a minimum in tax and their desire to be confident that Canada Customs and Revenue Agency can not challenge the position taken on their tax return. Above all, our goal is to save our clients money by legitimately reducing their taxes payable. Areas of Specialty Include:

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